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NFL Draft
1. J. Clowney Jr S. Car DE
2. T. Bridgewater Jr L'ville QB
3. A. Barr Sr UCLA OLB
4. J Matthews Sr T A&M OT
5. J. Manziel rSo T A&M QB
NBA Draft
1. A Wiggins Fr KU SF
2. J Randle Fr Kentucky PF
3. D Exum Fr Australia PG/SG
4. A Gordon Fr Arizona PF
5. M Smart So Ok St PG
MLB Draft
1. C Rodon Jr NC St LHP
2. T Beede Jr Vandy RHP
3. S Newcomb Jr Hartford LHP
4. M Cederoth Jr SDSU RHP
5. T Toussaint HS Cor Spr RHP
NHL Draft
1. A Ekblad D
2. S Reinhart C
3. W Nylander C/RW
4. L Draisaitl C/LW
5. B Clarke LW


Football Prospects by Conference

The 2014 NBA draft, heralded for its rich array of strong prospects, offers an interesting study in shifting expectations. Two years ago, it was Chicago’s Jabari Parker who stood atop the pile; the Duke forward remains a potential top pick, but the emergence of still more athletic players, such as Kansas freshmen Alan Wiggins and ...

Will Aaron Donald Continue Success in the NFL?

Even after collecting a bounty of hardware in the form of national defensive awards, Aaron Donald is not a lock to be a first round pick. Think Manti Te’o from last year, without the fake girlfriend. So, why no NFL Draft love? One word. Size. The same thing that helped him be a great D-lineman ...

Aaron Colvin: 2014 NFL Draft

Update 1/22:  Aaron Colvin has torn his ACL, while practicing for the Senior Bowl. This unfortunate accident has not deterred him, although it will undoubtedly drop his draft stock.   Being a double A name makes Aaron the first player in our A-Z  ”What You Need To Know” about the top players entering the 2014 ...

2014 Draft is Back!

With the college football season winding down and the NFL draft selection order becoming clear, 2014 draft is coming back with strong coverage and a fresh team of writers to cover the top 250+ draft candidates! Look for a plethora of new content in the New Year, as well as interviews and video!

What We Learned from Week 14 in College Football (from


Michigan Wolverines ban safety Thomas Gordon for opener

Michigan wolverines ban safety thomas gordon for opener #collegefootball

How Social Media Has Transformed College Football Recruiting

How social media has transformed college football recruiting #collegefootball

Reports: Michigan State guard Gary Harris to miss at least four weeks

Reports: michigan state guard gary harris to miss at least four weeks #collegefootball

How Do You Pronounce Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix?

How Do You Pronounce Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix?
Ha’Sean “HaHa” Clinton-Dix has the most dynamic name in college football, much like the way he plays the game. BUT, how is the correct way to pronounce it? (HA-seen) is the correct way. Ha like HaHa, his nickname. And SEEN, as in “I’ve seen him play.”

Big Year Ahead for Teddy Bridgewater

Last season was a season on the rise for the Louisville Cardinals, their coach Charlie Strong, and especially their star player, Teddy Bridgewater. This year, the expectations have never been bigger for the Cardinal’s program. Some in Louisville expect to add a 2013 Heisman and BCS Championship to their NCAA Tourney win, then follow it ...