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Johnny Manziel coming out early?

Johnny Manziel won the Heisman in his redshirt freshman season. He also beat the defending and johnny manziel hook em hornsrepeat national champions at home and is now dating supermodel, attending high profile ball games courtside, and is the talk of the 2013-2014 season.

Of course, he would like to win a national championship this year. Many would say that he should leave if he does. More often than not, players know in their own minds what they are going to do long before the season is over. Manziel might break the mold on that opinion, though.

As someone who originally wanted to only play for Texas (see Johnny to the left throwing up the “hook ‘em horns”, Texas’s hand sign), someone who had to win the starting job at the beginning of the season, and someone who would otherwise probably not ever date a supermodel, Johnny Manziel is probably rolling with the punches at this point.

Because of that, I think the rest of the nation is going to have to roll with the punches and wait for next year to find out what ol’ Johnny Football is going to do.

We say he goes, regardless, right now. If he performs well this year and the spread continues to expand in the pros, he will probably be a 1st-2nd round pick next year. Another Heisman could put him in the top 10 taken.

If A&M wins the SEC or National Championship and Manziel doesn’t finish in top 3 in Heisman voting, you could see him stay another year.

UPDATE: Texas A&M’s offensive coordinater hints at the liklihood of Manziel going pro early.

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